The Lift

**The Lift: The New Talking Price Machine** **Description:** The Lift is an innovative prize machine now available in our range. This machine offers players a unique opportunity to test their dexterity and accuracy as they try to push a cube into an open compartment. When the cube is completely pushed into the compartment, the player wins the prize located in the compartment. **Features:** 1. Simple Operation: The player uses two buttons, one to push to the right and one to push to the left. This simple operation makes the game accessible to players of all ages. 2. Interactive Challenge: The challenge lies in precisely positioning and pushing the cube so that it fits perfectly into the open compartment. This requires precision and a good sense of timing. 3. Awesome Prizes: There is an attractive prize in each compartment. When the player successfully pushes the cube into the compartment, the prize is released and won. **Game sequence:** - The player observes the open compartment and the cube. - Using the right and left buttons, the player slowly pushes the cube towards the compartment. - The aim is to push the cube exactly into the compartment without losing balance. - If successful, the player wins the prize lying in the box. The Lift offers a unique and engaging gaming experience where precision and patience are rewarded. The simple yet challenging mechanism makes the game appealing to a wide audience. With the chance to win great prizes, The Lift is an excellent addition to any arcade or entertainment centre.